Head Shots & Portrait Photography.

In 2017, happy to say that I have begun filling-in my time (between landscapes shoots) with head shots and portrait photography. Call it a 'slight' diversification... It's been a changing year for me". My wife and I have just had our second child and adapting to my usual traveling schedule has been close to impossible. I've been closer to the 'pen' as our family life adjusts to the new normal.  I am happy to say that because of these wonderful additions in our lives, I am now starting to apply my second passion after landscapes; head shots and portrait photography, to my arsenal of photographic expression.

Landscapes photography is where I get my inner energy and well-being. Head shots and portraits will help me bridge the in-between by executing my daily passion for photography.

Time will tell where this addition will take my creative direction. I myself, am curious to see.

Please stay tuned as I will be adding a few faces here.  

Yours truly.